C++ Quant Developer Engineer

technology - trading developer / hybrid / full time
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Thank you for your interest in joining our recruiting process. In order to process your application correctly, we need you to answer the following questions:

Tips to improve the efficiency of the selection process and have a "successful application":

1. We receive many applications, and our team takes the selection process and each application very seriously. We promise to respond to all applications that provide detailed and concrete information, especially to those who put effort and time into their application, giving priority to these applications. There is no need to elaborate; we need specific answers and concise information for each point. We will not respond to applications that simply attach a CV or that hit send with basic answers such as "Yes" or "No"! We need information and data to analyze.

2. Take the necessary time to do your homework on the position you are applying for. Each position belongs to a specific department and involves a different specialty or discipline.

3. We are looking for real, authentic, committed talent that brings real value in each category.

4. We are not interested in third-party commercial AI or EA applications. We only operate with systems developed by our teams. All systems or logics will be thoroughly evaluated and analyzed. We are not in the business of making directional trades for the sake of it, nor do we engage in chartism (as it is commonly known) or random trading. We only operate with well-crafted and institutionally supported logical bases.

5. Apply only if you are truly interested in this position and in contributing to your salary's improvement. Do not apply out of curiosity or if you are a person who is simply looking for a job. We are looking for committed, authentic individuals who align with our values, knowledge, originality, and ambitions.

6. Our selection process can involve 2, 3, or up to 5 interviews, ranging from 30 minutes for initial contact to 60 minutes for more analytical interviews, which may vary depending on the case. Be prepared to be evaluated and do not apply if you are not interested in these processes.

7. All positions involve a trial and demonstration period at the applicant's expense. Only provide real data or solutions, and you will have to demonstrate everything you contribute, whether in a simulated or real environment.